Atelier Necklace Case
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Black Croco

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The Atelier Necklace Case in Black Croco is a true stand-out design featuring a sophisticated croco texture and elegant hardware. This modern piece is made for life on the move and comes with a matching strap including a zipper pocket and a card slot for optimized, everyday use.

"I want to grow old with you. I'm partly made out of recycled materials, treat me well and I will be yours forever.”
  • Fast delivery
  • 30 days of return
  • 1 year warranty
Please note that each design is hand-crafted from carefully sourced materials and features a unique patina, its pattern may therefore vary from the image.
* This product is made of ethical and animal-free materials
* Composition: 58% recycled polyurethane, 42% polyurethane
* Slim fit to perfectly adhere to your phone
* Smooth microfiber lining to softly embed your phone and prevent scratches
* Embossed IDEAL OF SWEDEN logo made from gold-toned metal
* Gold-toned detailing around the camera
* Includes a matching strap with a zipped pocket and card slot that can hold up to two cards
* Strap measurements: L: 90-115cm x 2,5cm
* Zippered compartment measurements: W: 6,5cm x H: 9cm

Compatible withiPhone 11 Pro Max/ XS Max

SKU: IDNCSS22-I1965-334

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