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Our functional handbags are crafted from carefully curated and ethically sourced materials.

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Stylish and high-quality handbags made to last forever

Are you on the hunt for a new handbag or can you just never have enough handbags in your wardrobe to choose from? Then you've come to the right place! In the IDEAL OF SWEDEN assortment of handbags you will without a doubt find your new favorite bag to bring with you for every occassion. With our sophisticated and modular designs, you will not only receive a useful companion to store your belongings, you will also receive a stylish accessory to complement and enhance your outfit. It is often said that you can tell someone's personality based on what bag they are wearing. It is for this reason that we want our bags to aid in your self-expression. Which of our bags appeals to you? With inspiration taken from different types of styles and aesthetics, from classical and elegant, to bold and modern, and even simplistic and sleek sportswear, you will find a wide selection of bags from us at IDEAL OF SWEDEN.

With great focus on trendy design and function, you are guaranteed to find a bag in our assortment that is beautiful and practical at the same time. The details on the bags are carefully selected to fulfill different functions. For example, we have handbags with chain detailing that serves both the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing as well as functioning as a bag handle. Most of our bags also have exchangeable bags straps, making them ultra-versatile and adaptable. Play around with our bags and selection of bag straps and create a look that is uniquely you. Many of our bag designs also have matching mini bags that you can attach onto the bag – and for a selected few, such as the Nora Shoulder Bag, you will receive a matching mini bag with your order o further elevate your look. We make sure to include built in card pockets in the vast majority of our bags, making sure that you will be able to store and keep your cards safe and secure. Ultra-modular, adaptable yet elegant, our bags suit every occassion and can be made to fit every wearer's unique needs. So, which bag do you choose? Our assortment is ready to be explored by you today.